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Drone Flyer Diary – Andrew Crowe

Written by Sue Osborn

Sue Osborn is Skyshows' Head of Flight Operations and Chief Remote Pilot. She has more than 15 year's experience across uncrewed systems, predominately from her time as a Mission Commander and Flight Instructor within the Australian Army's premier uncrewed systems Unit, 20 Regiment. Sue now uses her significant Defence experience in the civilian sector to promote flight safety and excellence.

CASA – Know Your Drone Newsletter featuring Skyshows Managing Director, Andrew Crowe.

Recently Andrew Crowe was interviewed for the CASA Know Your Drone Newsletter as the feature Drone Flyer Diaries

Andrew’s career started in 2004 when he joined the Australian Regular Army as an Officer at the Royal Military College-Duntroon. Andrew was the first Platoon Commander to be appointed in command of a UAS group on operations in Afghanistan.

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