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Make your next event unforgettable

Skyshows can help you elevate your next event to new heights with engaging and immersive storytelling through drone technology

Engage your audience at new heights with Skyshows

 We help you create unique, unforgettable and environmentally sustainable events and performances

Drone technology presents a unique opportunity to create engaging, immersive live events that soar to new heights. 

Pave the way for sustainable entertainment by utililising drone technology for your next event.

We work closely with your events team to utilise drones to help you create a different, environmentally cleaner experience, customised for your audience through targeted messaging and the unique creative expression that pyrotechnics can offer.


Harness the power of emerging drone technology


Capture the hearts and minds of your audience


Champion sustainability through cutting edge technology

Stand out from the crowd

Leading the way in sustainable aerial entertainment

Skyshows’ experienced team will work closely with you to blend art and technology, engaging your audience through compelling sky-high visual stories.

Through our collaborative process, and drawing on our experienced network of stakeholders, we’ll help you to deliver an immersive experience that your audience will never forget.



Skyshows delivers record-breaking drone show

Skyshows recently had the pleasure of delivering a record breaking drone show as a part of the Elevate Sydney festival. Each night of the festival culminated with a 500 Drone Light Show “SKYSHOW”, the culmination of efforts by AGB Events Creative Director, Anthony Bastic, Intel, and Skyshows.

Utilising advanced drone technology to create a truly unique, and immersive on-brand visual display, the Elevate event won the International Award from Airwards 2022 in the category Media, Events & Creative.

Transform your next event with drone technology executed by industry leading experts


Chemical & noise free

Energy efficient



Cutting edge

Find out more about how Skyshows can help you raise your next event to new heights

Managing Director – Andrew Crowe

Head of Flight Operations / Chief Remote Pilot – Sue Osborn

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